Original interview "AS IS": Aaron Goldstein

1 - Hello Aaron,introduced yourself to our Italian friends! Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Aaron, I'm 20 years old and I am a social media presenter and content creator. I run numerous accounts online with a combined following of over 30 million people.

I vlog myself at matches, joke around with players and try to engage fans into my life at games and in the football world!

2 - What is your favorite team and why?

I'm an Arsenal fan, I've grown up in North London so everybody chooses either us or Tottenham but I fell in love with Arsene Wenger, Cesc Fabregas and Tomas Rosicky so there was no going back!

Aaron Goldstein

3 - The top 5 of this year of the PL in your opinion?

The premier league is tough to call this season! I think Liverpool will win the title as their team is just so strong. They may even go unbeaten. Man City will come second because they didn't address their defensive issues. I personally think Tottenham and Leicester will make up the top four although I would obviously want Arsenal to finish there. I think we may just beat Chelsea and man United to fifth.

4 - What do you think about Italian football? what are the differences with the english one?

I love Italian football! Think of the players that have played in Serie A.

Buffon, maldini, Nesta, Pirlo, shevchenko, ronaldo and my favourite... Kaka.

The quality was better in the past but I love watching Italian football. Juventus are incredible but I think Inter Milan May win the Scudetto this year.

5 - Your favorite football player and why?

My favourite player is a bit strange! In Italy, people like Maldini because he was a legend and stayed at one club. In England, our equivalent is Tony Adams. If not Tony, I love Carl Jenkinson, few players manage to play for the team they support.

Aaron Goldstein

6 - Future projects?

I have many future projects but I have to keep quiet for now! All I can say is watch out for my upcoming content surrounding EURO 2020

7 - How is your passion for football born?

Football is everything. People like TV shows because of the drama, excitement and passion. People enjoy religion because of the commitment, tribal feel and sense of belonging. Football has all of that in my opinion. I'm not saying it's a religion or better, but it gives me all the feelings that life can throw at you.

8 - Where can Arsenal arrive in the EU?

Tough question. When Arsenal play well, they can beat anybody. If Arsenal could defend, they would be top 3 in England. Realistically we can win the Europa League but we won't, especially if Inter Milan or another good team is relegated from the champions league.

Original interview "AS IS": Nubaid "Rambofyi" Haroon

1 - How did your passion for football come about?

My whole family supports man united so I developed a habit of supporting Liverpool to oppose them and we used to play in my garden all the time so I naturally had a feeling for football.

2 - How do you see the Premier League this year? your top 4 what they are and why?

I think the top 6 will be more competitive than its ever been with Everton wolves and Leicester competing. I think the same with the bottom half of the table. I think my top four would be city Liverpool spurs arsenal but as I say really close!

3 - Do you agree with those who say that we Italians have the strongest defenses in Europe?

I don't think so anymore, I'm convinced back in the days Serie A used to be the place to find solid defensive units but I think the way the game has developed means every country has better attackers than defenders. I watch a lot of Italian football too and it's changed a lot! There's a lot more 2-2s than 0-0s!

4 - What is your favorite football player and why?

Favourite football player ever? Torres. In a time when Liverpool weren't competing he created a buzz at anfield that I'd never seen plus there's something magical about a hero that becomes a villain and vice versa. I loved his style of play and was so sad when he left us! Fernando Torres

5 - In your opinion, what did Liverpool miss the year to win the PL? Is the City so unreachable?

I know a lot of people felt that Liverpool missed a number 10 or whatever but I genuinely believe Man City are just a different monster. I think even if we won some of the games we drew, City would've still somehow won it. They've got incredible finances, the best manager in the world and just have an incredible squad that we can't compete with!

6 - What do you think about Italian football? Do you follow it?

I used to watch Italian football for the defensive fluidity, I think over the year the leagues become like a lot of the rest of Europe sadly! I also think it's hugely monopolised by Juventus, I don't think anybody else can compete which is sad but there's some good stories in Italy and I've always associated the league with good stories and love for the game.

7 - What do you think of this year's Chelsea? He lost Hazard and Luiz es inaugurated the championship with a 4-0 win over United.

I love Lampard and really hope he does well but I think Chelsea have always been a club that want things straight away but he's not going to be able to buy anybody. I like the squad but when you lose hazard you lose that world class quality in your team and I think they won't be able to replace that and because of that will finish closer to 7th than 4th!

8 - In addition to football, what are your passions?

I love reading, I love psychology and working out how the mind works. I'm in the gym 4/5 times a week too and generally just like travelling, seeing things, meeting people and overall maximising my time on earth!

9 - Tonight in Istanbul for the European Super Cup how does it end? Your prediction and markers

3-2 Liverpool, Salah will score and Adrian will make an error! (Hopefully not)!

Original interview "AS IS": Richy Sheehy

1 - Hi Richy, introduce yourself to our Italian friends! Who are you and what do you do?

Hey, I'm Richy Sheehy, a comedian from Ireland who's most known internationally for a viral video I did last year in character as Kevin Murphy, Cork's Biggest Liverpool Fan.

2 - You became popular for the song "We've got Salah". How did the idea for this song come about? did you expect it?

I was driving back home from a day shooting a music video for a comedy song, and Liverpool had just announced the sale of Coutinho, and while I was sad, I did think "hey, that don't matter at all actually, because we've got Salah (Mane, and Firmino)". I had been watching the Simpsons the night before, and there is a scene where Homer sings the Sugar, Sugar song, so all in all I thought of the song in about 30 seconds, and knew I should upload a video.

3 - Where can Liverpool arrive this year in PL? And in the Champions League? He didn't start well losing 2-0 against Napoli ...

The Premier League is going pretty well right now, but I'll never settle and believe anything is won until it is won. I remember the 08 season and the 13/14 season, as well as last season where we lost by a single point. So I hope and hope we win the league, but we'll see where we are at the end of the season. I think we'll do well in Europe...again, bad start, but as long as we make it out of the group, which I think we will, then we'll see how things turn out in the knockout stages.

4 - What is the favorite football player of all time

That's a really tough question, there is too many players that I love for different reasons. I won't include any of the current squad just to make it an easier choice. I always loved Lucas Leiva, so I'll say him!

5 - What projects are you working on right now?

Right now I'm focusing on my stand-up comedy, it's a different act to Kevin, I'm considered a dark comedian, and I satirise society, I've been likened to South Park a few times... which I love. I just finished a 25 day festival in Edinburgh, and now I'm playing around UK and Ireland and will be gigging for a week in January in L.A. After that, who knows!

6 - What do you think about Serie A and Italian football? Are we behind you British people?

First thing first, I'm not British! Ireland spent 800 years fighting for our independence so I cannot let that slide! I don't have time to watch enough Serie A if I'm being honest, I obviously watch every Liverpool match, and here in Ireland I try to make it to as many Cork City FC games that I can, and then with gigging for comedy and other projects, I don't get too much time to watch other leagues. I wish Lucas all the best, and any other former Liverpool players!

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